Movie theaters

Places to see movies in Leiria

This is a question that popped up in the Welcome trip with Erasmus in 24th of March and I thought that this was an area that deserves a blog post of its own. In Leiria the movies are subtitled but luckily not dubbed so basically with English language skills you can also watch the movies in that are in English or some other language you understand.

I haven’t visited any movie theaters so far during my stay. I usually watch the films from my laptop and really don’t see the movie theater atmosphere that fantastic: at least in Finland people come to the theaters to eat and make noise which makes it hard at times to actually enjoy the film. That would be problematic especially with movies in Portugal where you don’t have the subtitles in English or even less in Finnish.

This still isn’t a thing that I’d say I will never do but haven’t had that much of an interest to make it so far but maybe someday.


Cineplace is located in the Leiria shopping and it is showing mostly those new American big name films. The schelude can be found from the website of Cinecartaz.

Cinema City

cinema city

This is basically the same as with Cineplace. Just the location is different so it is located in the northern end of the city centre of Leiria. The schelude once again available on the website.

Other ones

Teatro José Lúcio da Silva is better known for its actual plays but they do show movies at times. The problem here is once again the fact that these movies are in Portuguese so basically no use for people like me who don’t know the language.


Teatro Miguel Franco is the option number four. Once again the information about this place is hard or impossible so I’m just mentioning the name as the number four option.  


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