Gyms in Leiria

Going to gym is always a good idea even in the new country. It simply makes you feel better after the workout and keeps you fit when you start getting older. I still haven’t found my own gym here in Leiria ’cause I’m a lazy one and I just concentrate on bodyweight exercising and running but maybe I will make it at some point. After all the beach season is close and that is where you want to be at your best in terms of body.

Well here they are. Plenty of good gyms with different kind of services available.

Eurosol Fitness Club

One of IPLeiria’s partners and that is why students and staff of IPLeiria are allowed to discounts when using the gym services of Eurosol.

Access conditions are the followings:

Free transit that includes all services provided by Eurosol Fitness Club, including: Training area (group activities + + Bodybuilding Cardio Fitness) Goods (Turkish bath and / or Sauna);

The price of that free-Transit will be € 25.00 monthly:

  • Option 1 – Single Payment – Save 5%
  • Option 2 – Monthly Payments – No discounts;
  • Annual insurance – 9,5 €

Conditions of Use:

Subjection to the club regulation with individual signature requirement thereof;

Compulsory medical certificate;

The identification is made through presentation of the IPL identification card or certificate issued by the IPL, integrated schools or Social Services.

Eurosol’s gym is a modern and well equipped one opting for a personal trainer who can design an individualized training plan tailored to one’s characteristics and needs.

Guests that are staying at Eurosol are allowed to use the gym without a charge.


Body Pump

Body Balance



Indoor Cycle



Cardio Fitness


Physical evaluation

Turkish bath


Free Parking

Free locker

And the location is here:


Luxus health club


Luxus health club is also a partner of IPLeiria and it is located north from the city of Leiria. The gym is using Technogym’s devices to offer best possible training experience for its users. Technogym is a brand of machines and integrated software for fitness, globally recognized and that the best team with the best. Whether top football clubs, gyms and health clubs, world sporting events such as the Olympics and other major fitness events.

Single with its revolutionary electronic key system TGS which allows real-time monitoring of training and the visualization of results after each training session.

Luxus health club offers personal training and also group exercising such as zumba and pilates.



Maxigym is also a partner of IPLeiria and it is located about six kilometers east from the city of Leiria.

Maxigym offers you spas, group lessons (body combat, cycling, body pump, step and such), therapies (sauna, Turkish bath and hydro massage) and of course the free training option (weight lifting and cardio).

Health club Corpo Livre


Health Club Corpo Livre is also a partner of IPLeiria and it is located north to the city centre of Leiria.

The Health Club Body Free was born in 2004 hasn’t stopped growing since then. 2300m2 spread over 2 studios group classes, 2 Kinesis Studios, cardio room and weight, 2 pools and spa area.  The concern on good and personalized training plan and the security in its implementation turns out to be the most valuable asset of the Club.
To this end the Free Corps has to have the most advanced technology that allows total control in carrying out the training and offering guaranteed maximum safety when performed with cardiac monitoring.


Vivafit is a gym for women. This gym is easy to find as it is almost located in the middle of the Av. Marquês de Pombal. Vivafit offers a wide range of group exercises. The whole list of the exercises can be found here:

As this is a gym only for the ladies I don’t have any further information about it.

Dino’s Health & Fitness


This place is a new one and the website doesn’t mention Leiria yet but it’s there: I walk past it every day.

This gym also is just for women. Lots of group exercises such as pilates, bodypump, zumba and combat available. You can see the full list from here:

Ginasio Leirifitness


Leirifitness is located fairly close to the city centre and that’s why it is quite easily reachable. Really hard to find information about this one but it seems to have those group exercising classes at least. I also spotted an offer for staff and students of IPLeiria:

Description of the Offer
Insurance Annual – 15 €
Monthly LT – 26 €

Maintenance Fee – 5 € (in case of absence, 1-3 months)
No Permanence contract

loyalty contracts of six months or a year with monthly payments by direct debit or semi / annual the spot


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