Finland is possibly best known of its global motorsports talents. For me there are two names that stand out as the idols of the time when I was a young boy: Mika Salo from Formula-1 and Tommi Mäkinen in rally.

I remember “building” Tommi’s Mitsubishi racing car of an eraser when I was at the elementary school. The car was red and white so I used a red marker to paint the eraser and four pins acted as the wheels. Couldn’t use that eraser anymore because it made a mess instead of actually erasing those pencil marks but the car was cool and nice to play with during the lessons. Most of you must know Mika Häkkinen and Kimi Räikkönen from Formula-1 and Juha Kankkunen, Mikko Hirvonen and Markus Grönholm from rally.

In my hometown I used to work at a “karting”-track for one summer and that is my only experience about it. The cars were slow and designed for little kids but a car is a car isn’t it? You also had a way to make of the cars go really fast (about 50-60km/h) by removing the limiter under the throttle. Never did that though (add here the rolling eyes smiley).

The whole motorsports thing was exciting for me such a short amount of time. Nowadays I don’t care a bit about it. Haven’t watched a Formula-1 race for years I think. Still it could be interesting to visit the place as I used to play Formula-1 games on my computer in my teenage years and competing has always been in my blood.

Kartodrómo de Leiria

KARTÓDROMO DE LEIRIA is located about 9 kilometers north from the city of Leiria.


The Karting started from an idea of the Center for Motorsport Leiria (NDML) that opened on 13 February 1994. The track is 1006 meters long and 8 meters wide at its greatest extent that is the known circuit B. Karting has other 3 circuits. The track is approved by FPAK with grade 1 for domestic and leisure evidence. In 2000 he was recognized by the FIA for holding international events.

The Karting sports complex of Miracles has yet to form the lovers have a set of permanent boxes, restaurant, changing rooms, workshops and conference room.

The Leiria karting’s websites include information about racing events arranged on the tracks and also information about pricing. If you’re interested in motorsports and karting then you should pay a visit definitely.

Kartódromo da Batalha



Karting of Batalha, was opened in 1993 and it was the fourth kart track in the country. The karting was growing and places to practice this sport were very few and there were more and more young people interested in practicing karting.

More information about the kart cars and other things such as pricing and racing events can be found on Batalha Karting’s website.



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