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Health is the single most important thing to take care of. When you’re young you can basically mess around with all the other things except your own health. I have been trying to live healthy for several years now and I like to consider my body as an Aston Martin: I feed my body with high quality petrol, keep it clean and mind the bumps. I’m of course sporting and things happen but I don’t intentionally harm myself: it is a stupid thing to do, it’s that simple.

In life you do run into situations where you are not healthy, no matter what you do. These are the situations where you need information about healthcare in Leiria and that is what I am now going to give you.

At IPLeiria

IPLeiria  Student Support Services are committed to provide the institute academic community with conditions that ensure their well-being physically and psychologically, therefore they offer reduced costs, support in specific areas such as diagnosis and prevention, as well as psycho pedagogical counseling.  Student Support Services put at the disposal of the entire academic community consultations in General Medicine, Obstetrics / Gynaecology, Dental Medicine, Sports Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Ophthalmology.

The Medical Services are provided by a team of health professionals of recognized merit, which have the latest equipment and technology in the respective areas of expertise.



The health service unit is located here:


Av. Heróis de Angola, n.º 53 – 1.º Dt.º2400-154
Telephone: 244 043 281
Mobile: 968 702 985

Hospitals in Leiria

There might be situations where you will have to rely on the services of local hospitals. In these situations: always remember to submit your European health insurance card so that you get the same price for your treatment that the locals also get. Do this even if they don´t ask for it. This saves you a lot when dealing with your insurance company.


A) Hospital Distrital De Leiria

The Hospital Leiria E.P.E. (CHL) consists of three health facilities that arose initially from the merger carried out between the St. Andrew’s Hospital, EPE (HSA) located in Leiria and the District Hospital of Pombal (HDP) located in Pombal in Decree tracking law # 30/2011 March 2, and subsequently, in accordance with Decree-law No. 116/2013, the integration of Hospital Bernardino Lopes de Oliveira, located in Alcobaça.

In implementing its mission to provide health care to the population of its area of influence, the CHL is articulated, through a referral system in development and improvement with health centers existing in this geographical area, with other hospitals in the National Health Service, the District and central Coimbra and with the institutions in the network of integrated long-term care, with a view to streamlining, complementarity and hierarchy of the care system; likewise supports and collaborates often with the conclusion of specific protocols, with other private or social nature units included in the National Health System, through the acquisition or provision of services, or other institutions whose activities are interconnected to the mission Hospital, such as entities with teaching responsibilities, training or research.

B) Centro Hospitalar de S. Francisco

The Hospital of St. Francis (chsf) is a private health facility, a provider of global health care by integrating an offer to the level of external consultations in various medical and surgical specialties supported by modern complementary means of diagnosis and treatment.

It was based in Leiria and started business in 1970, with the provision of health care in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. In 1992 the entry into operation of Surgery and internment block embodied in a new period in the history of this institution.

Since then began a period of affirmation, an increasing trend, the Hospital of St. Francis Center, SA., as a reference health care unit in a Regional context.

The CHSF currently comprises a set of units providing care, consisting of the “parent”, based in Leiria and Outpatient Units in Alcobaça

Hospital Manuel de Aguiar


Hospital Manuel de Aguiar has a long history since all the way 1500s.

In terms of services this hospital has a surgical unit, unit for outpatients, physical medicine and rehabilation, different kind of analysis and examinating unit and also a private unit.

More info about services can be found here:

Tip: They are all in Portuguese but from Portuguese to English Google translate for example makes a good job.


The SSS is the Student Support Service of IPLeiria, available to all students, its main objectives are: psychological and vocational support, personal and social guidance and supervision and psychopedagogical support. In conclusion, it promotes personal stability and mental healthcare.

It has been functioning since the academic year of 07/08.

More information about SSS (in English) can be found from SSS’s own website:


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