I used to love running back in the days now I just like it. I think that the love lasts forever in terms of this but at the moment my condition is not as good as I would like to so it isn’t really that enjoyable to run at the moment but it still is the main way to exercise for me. In this spring in Leiria I have also gone back to proper training: I train appropriately. I run four minute intervals, I run 20 minutes on “race pace”, 40 minutes on a brisk pace and once a week I run over one hour on a pace that I enjoy: fairly slow.




I usually run along Rio Lis and my route is quite a much the same obviously. At the beginning it took two or three times of running for my body to get used to it. Most of the route is that all common pavement of Leiria: it´s unstable and tough for the legs and you basically need to have good running technique especially on higher running pace or you are likely to get muscle pain or even injuries to your ankles or knees. The route also has some parts of it in tarmac and also some dirt road.

My aim for the first few weeks has been to find my running technique again: I try to run straight lines and really concentrate on my body control. On those first two or three runs I had pain in my lower back and also on my right knee but after that the body usually gets used to it and also my technique is improving all the time.


Even though this running path is not ideal in terms of running surface I really enjoy the atmosphere and the sights here. Photos above are all from the running path I take almost every night and there are even more good sights. Also you will meet lots of local runners, joggers and walkers when you go to exercise.

My aim as a runner is to get back to the shape I once was and instead of just liking running I want to find that old love again. Maybe you can also fall in love with running in here? It’s worth a try definitely.

Cláudio Esperança Written by: