What is this blog about?

What is the meaning of this?!?

A common line from some movies. This is not an angry one though. This is just to explain what my blog is all about.

I call this blog or an international guide “Making the life easy!” and that basically tells it quite well. With this blog I’m trying to make it easier for foreign students in the first few weeks. I try to keep it as an informative one and on the other trying to make it interesting so that people would actually read it. The blog is also partially my story and has my personal view of things in every section I write.

I start with simple things such as how to get to Leiria from those two big cities Porto and Lisbon, then I tell you more about Leiria: what you can do in Leiria, where to go when you’re feeling sick and suggestions on where to visit during your weekends.

To you

Like I said: to make it easier to settle down and to introduce you to some of the places but also to meet people. It’s not our aim to leave anyone alone and at IPLeiria we want everyone to feel welcome. In case of not actually meeting people you are always able to connect the people in ESN Leiria and these people will help you out: help you meet people through activities such as spending a night at certain place or doing sports and stuff. To connect to ESN Leiria you can go to the Facebook-page of ESN Leiria and actually just leave a post there. They will help you out, trust me.

For me

For me doing something like this is interesting because I have always liked writing and I feel that it is easier for me to dress my thoughts to words by writing instead of actually speaking. Also personally I feel that making this blog can potentially be a door opener for me in terms of working life.

I hope that you enjoy this.

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