What to do…

In case of an emergency:


This is the general emergency number that you will use in case of an emergency. The number is the same either if you need help from the police, fire department or an ambulance. General advice for calling is the usual:

– Stay calm and listen what you are being told.

– Describe the situation as well as possible.

– Know your location.

– Don’t hang up the phone before you have been given permission to do that.

When you need the police


“A police is a friend”, that is what we are used to saying back at my home. It’s a bit of joke but on the other hand it is true in some cases. Sometimes you might need services of the police department and above you can see the places where to go if that kind of need arises. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything bad like being robbed or something like that, there are many kind of needs.

In case of non emergency, you can contact the police by going to the police station or simply just calling. List of telephone numbers for the police can be found here:


In case of robbery you should also call to your bank and shut down your debit/credit cards if they were stolen and same goes with your telephone connection.

Fire department


I don’t know whether this information will ever be useful for you as you will only propably contact to the fire department in terms of real emergency and do that by calling 112. But if it happens that the fire department is like really close to you when you spot something then it might even be wise to take a run for it and save a bit of time by making the notification at the fire department. How likely this is… Really unlikely but anyway. You don’t actually lose anything by knowing where the fire stations are in Leiria.


This information is already available in the healthcare in Leiria-section but lets mention it in here also. 


There are basically two main hospitals in Leiria and many smaller ones available. By clicking the map you will see all of them (or at least many). In case of an emergency once again: call 112 and in terms of non urgent matters go visit the hospital or make a call. And the final note: Remember the European Health Insurance card.




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